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Express Moving Company

Local Chicago movers
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Being a local moving company with a physical presence in Chicagoland area, we do things differently than most other moving companies.

  Other Moving Companies Express Moving Company
Pricing Fine print; extra charges, surcharges; price is not clear until the move day or even until delivery No fine print; no extra charges or hidden fees; guaranteed price before signing a contract
Who Does the Actual Moving? Contractors, sub-contractors, agents; often jobs are sold to other moving companies Own employees with our trucks; your move will never be assigned to a 3d party
Delivery Up to 7, 14 or even more days (depending on a company policy) 1, 2 or 3 days, depending on moving distance
Moving Process Your belongings will be picked up and then transported to a storage; your shipment will be combined with other shipments going the same way; many times, items are delivered to a wrong addressee; items are suffering from multiple loadings and unloadings We will use the same truck to transport your belongings to the destination; we will load up your items, go straight to your destination, and unload them. No transloading; same crew; same truck. Decreased chance of damages, eliminates the posibility of losing your belongings
Customer Service Not clear whom to contact during the move to inquire about shipment status; you will hear “Press 1, Press 2, Not Available At This Moment” often We assign a driver to each move; each driver has a cell phone on him; we will keep you informed of the status of your move regularly; you will be able to reach a person who actually transports your goods anytime

If you want a local, reliable and honest moving company to handle your belongings, Express Moving is ready to be of service. Please call 847.874.3626 or contact us here.

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